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ITAK developed a “Connected Collectible” experience named CO GENESIS for the French ecological jeweler Courbet. In the experience, each customer can grow real life diamonds in a virtual lab and redeem them encrusted on a CO necklace pendant. Every diamond is backed by an NFT that evolves depending on the diamond size, its color and state.


ITAK built a Twitter/Discord community of 13k/6k people from scratch for the CO GENESIS project with posts reaching up to 32k impressions. The 77 diamond backed NFTs sold out at 0.39 ETH in 24h. A second drop of 1111 additional free NFTs was minted out in a few hours.


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Project Deliverables:


  • Ideation : Co-creation of the experience’s storytelling with the client and project Art Direction.
  • Prototyping : Redaction of product specifications for the experience website and smart contract.
  • Build : Development of a 3D world and 10 pieces of visual content (videos, stills) for social media, website UX/UI.
  • Community : Discord server set-up and community management for 3 months, Twitter community management.


Art Direction & Graphic Design: Leo Imbrt
Art Direction & CGI: Antoine Belot
CGI: Zyva Studio