Web3 Training Presentation & Workshop

Technology, Strategy & Concept, Education

ITAK’s mission was to help Foundever’s executive teams, consisting of over 30 professionals, reach a comprehensive understanding of the transformative potential of Web3. With the rapid evolution of technology and its implications for customer experience, our challenge was to demystify Web3, NFTs, and the Metaverse, enabling the team to explore their applications for innovative customer engagement.

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“One of the standout features of ITAK’s workshop was their unique blend of creativity and in-depth expertise. They employed a blend of methodologies and formats of content that transformed dense and complex concepts into engaging and digestible insights.” – Clément Gradin, Head of Web3 at Foundever


Project Deliverables

  • Courses: Introduction to Web3, NFT Deep Dive, Metaverse Deep Dive, CX x Metaverse market trends.
  • Presentation of 6 Case Studies.
  • Selection of 4 startups (Freename, BitGo, Absolut Labs, Digital Village)
  • Writing of 2 joint Foundever x ITAK whitepapers on the topics of Web3 and CX