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For the “Wonderful Life” music video project for the French singer Imany, ITAK had to capture the essence of the song’s message through a visually captivating narrative. ITAK created a dreamlike video that centered around a heartfelt story of a mother and son. The objective was to combine beauty and emotion, while also paying tribute to the positive world of tomorrow. The video had 1.2M+ views on Youtube in 1 year. The combination of a heartfelt narrative, stunning visuals, and powerful symbolism made the video a standout representation of Imany’s music and message.


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Project Deliverables

  • Exploration : Thorough visual research to define artistic orientation. ITAK drew inspiration from the cinematic style of Terrence Malick to shape the visual aesthetics and storytelling approach of the music video.
  • Ideation : Development of the narrative of the “Wonderful Life” music video, which revolves around the son’s journey to find his mother through the trail of flower petals. Conceived a heartfelt story that pays homage to the bond between a mother and child, embodying the positivity and hope for the future that the song conveys. 
  • Build : Organization of a five-day shoot in Fort Aventura and Tenerife with a crew of around thirty people. Directed by Mado Scott (ITAK CCO) and cinematography by Sophian Belgarbi. 
  • Extra Mile : Live-action footage of 3D flower scenes, achieving an enchanting ambiance that echoes the song’s themes.
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Director: Mado Scott (ITAK)
DOP: Sophian Belgarbi
1st Assistant Director: Gary Brocaud
On Set VFX Supervisor & Art Director: Antoine Belot
Steadicam: Yvan Manioski
1st Assistant Camera: Damien Rubinsztajn
Gaffer: Alexandre Denis
Executive Production: A Subversive Soul Society
Label Manager: Laurent Dubrulle
Producer: Malick Ndiaye
Line Producer: Adèle Barach
Production Assistant: Gwendoline Barbu
Local Production: Boudika Productions
Local Producer: Izakun Montilla
Local Production Coordinator: Encarna Perez Yanes
Special Effects Mathematics CEO: Guillaume Marien
VFX Sup: Anthony Lyant, Gabriel Kerlidou
Editor: Paul Piron
Lookdev: Adrien Brooks
Rigging: Luca Amorosi
Animation: Ornella Luzzi
Tracking: Yvan Galtie, Fred Mayer
Previz: Romain Thibault
FX / Scatter Flowers: Alexei Ossipov
FX / Petal Cloud: Djelloul Bekri, Maxime Delsart, Hugo De Magalhaes, Daniele Zannone
Matte Painting: Nicolas Parcellier
Lighting/ Render: Lucas Benoit, Jean Pierrick Muggianu, Kilian Roy, Emily Merpillat
Compositing: Samuel Roux, Vivien Ebran, Sophie Roques, Philippe Bienvenue
Artist: Imany
Actor: Isaïah
Editor: David Poucet
Colorism: Kame House
Colorist Supervisor: Kim Marc Huynh
Assistant Colorist: Vincent Fawaz
Sound Design: Corentin Calarnou