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ETAM solicited ITAK and Cohort to develop an NFT experience around their Swimwear collection. The project objective was to create an exclusive connection between the brand and its customers. ITAK managed the delivery of project Art Direction and 3D assets. The project registered +1k entries in the contest and sold out quickly.


The experience allowed to explore how NFTs could bridge the gap between physical garments and digital assets, offering insights into transforming a physical collection into a digital ownership experience.


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Project Deliverables

  • Ideation : ITAK came up with the idea to build 5 iconic swimsuit silhouettes from ETAM’s 2022 Swimwear collection, reflecting on how each NFT would encapsulate not only the digital rendition but also physical aspects of the silhouette.
  • Build : Design of 5 “numbered silhouettes” NFTs for a contest, allowing winners to access exclusive benefits including a home-delivered swimsuit and VIP store events.


CGI: Unexplored Fields