Pangaia x Avoir



CGI Campaign

Technology, Art+Design, 360 ° Content

ITAK built a CGI campaign for the launch of the Pangaia brand at Galeries Lafayette Paris in collaboration with AVOIR.


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Credits Image Avoir
Credits Image Avoir

Project Deliverables

  • Exploration : Thorough research of Pangaia’s sustainable philosophy and the Galeries Lafayette event context, forming the foundation for the 3D campaign.
  • Ideation : Collaborative design of the campaign narrative with AVOIR to translate Pangaia’s eco-friendly materials into a captivating visual journey of transformation from plant to fashion.
  • Prototyping : Production of a video allowing to bring the narrative to life. The video seamlessly communicated the evolution of natural elements into exquisite silk feathers.
  • Extra Mile : Enhancement of the Galeries Lafayette experience by designing an impactful set at the entrance.
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Credits Image Avoir
Credits Image Avoir


Brand Identity: Basile Fournier
Commissioned by: Avoir