Pull and Bear



The Pull & Bear Tycoon Campaign

Technology, Art+Design, 360 ° Content

Pull & Bear asked ITAK to build a 360° global B2C campaign. Formats that needed to be delivered encompassed crafting a multi-faceted campaign, spanning billboards, boutiques, posters, film, and print media. ITAK delivered an innovative concept named “Pull & Bear Tycoon”, which blended real models with avatars in an amusement park setting, while integrating every detail with the brand’s DNA.


ITAK’s approach on the project was holistic, encompassing sound design, storyboards, and immersive details, forging a unified and impactful campaign.


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Project Deliverables

  • Exploration : Thorough visual research to define artistic orientation. Deep dive into the Pull & Bear brand.
  • Ideation : Design of the Pull & Bear amusement park concept featuring distinct worlds within a theme park, populated by a mix of four real models and six avatars.
  • Prototyping : Storyboarding of the experience to nail down how the concept would be brought to life.
  • Build : Assets building involving a team of over 70 freelancers, including 3D artists, make-up artists, stylists, casting agents, and more. Use of green screen technology at the Rouchon studio to film the campaign. Meticulous post-production to seamlessly integrate avatars and real models within the amusement park scenes.


CGI: Zyva Studio
Textile Creation: Scotomalab
Art Direction & Graphic Design: Leo Imbert
CGI: Hospice 1er
CGI: Charles Bedel
CGI: Boris Watrin